Dear colleagues,

we would like to take this opportunity to inform you about a new platform, the Sustainable Future Policy Lab (, linking ground-breaking research in environmental economics with the policy side. The objective of the SFPLab is to disseminiate policy-relevant research results written in a journalistic way, free of charge, and start discussions in environmental issues.

The Sustainable Future Policy Lab uses cutting edge research results in environmental, natural resource and climate change economics to provide opinions and analyses aimed at policymakers, the public, businesses and journalists. Our contributors are leading authors in environmental economics, and contributions come from SFPLab members and submissions from external contributors. External contributions are reviewed by our editors before publication.

All our contributions are based on the latest research results and grounded in environmental economics theory and practise. Our aims are (1) to provide a rapid response to current events providing expertise and background information on policy relevant questions; (2) to provide policy advice to governments, institutions and NGOs on different aspects of the environmental and climate debate; and (3) to highlight current academic research from the SFPLab team.

We publish two types of contributions: Analyses are research-based articles on policy-relevant issues related to sustainability and environmental issues. Opinions are research-based discussions that, in addition to analysing current policy-relevant issues, also contain the personal opinion of the researcher. We also publish Analyses and Opinions from external contributors.

We would be very happy if you submit a short article that fits either of the two types of contributions. In order to do so, please follow the link: submissions from external contributors.

Looking forward to receiving your submissions.

With the best wishes,

the SPFLab members.