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(mostly) environmental economics


last update: 29-April-2022

Work in progress

[7] Lehrpersonen und Draussenunterricht: Eine Analyse der Motivatoren und Hindernisse. Eine empirische Studie in Luxemburg und der Schweiz (Teachers and teaching outside: an analysis of motivators and obstacles. An empirical study in Luxembourg and Switzerland), with Andrea Fiedler and Daniela Müller

[6] Social Norms, Policy and the Conservation of Nature

[5] What is the impact of government debt on environmental quality?, with Fabien Prieur

[4] Mitigation strategies under the threat of solar radiation management, with Fabien Prieur and Martin Quaas

[3] Self-perception and other-perception biases in decisions with externalities, with Guy Meunier

[2] Connectedness to nature, urbanization and the environment, with Emeline Bezin

[1] Migration and Climate Change, with Fabien Prieur

Publications (articles)

[38] Rainfall Shocks and Risk Aversion: Evidence from Southeast Asia, with Sabine Liebenehm and Eric Strobl, forthcoming in American Journal of Agricultural Economics

[37] Sustainability and its economic implications for businesses, Chapter forthcoming in Handbook on Sustainability: Business and investment Implications, The World Scientific Publishing


[36] The Economics of Biodiversity: Building on the Dasgupta Review, Editorial for the Special Issue `The Economics of Biodiversity: Building on the Dasgupta Review’, Environmental & Resource Economics, 2022, pp. 195

[35] The impact of conflicts on climate and migration policy (joint with Fabien Prieur), Journal of Public Economic Theory, (pdf)


[34] Delivering on Climate Finance in selected EU countries (joint with Asel Doranova and Herman Vollebergh), Scientific Paper to the Dutch House of Representatives, October 2021 (link)


[33] Bateman, I. J., Dannenberg, A., Elliott, R., Finus, M., Koundouri, P., Millock, K., Munro, A., Robinson, E., Rondeau, D., Schumacher, I., Strobl, E., and Xepapadeas, A. (2020). Editorial: Economics of the Environment in the Shadow of Coronavirus. Environmental & Resource Economics, 1–5.

[32] Schumacher, I., Cazcarro, I. Duarte, R. Sarasa, C., Serrano, A., Xepapadeas, A., Freire-González, J., Vivanco, D.V., Peña-Lévano, L.M., Escalante, C.L., López-Feldman, A. Chávez, C., Vélez, M. A., Bejarano, H., Chimeli, A. B., Féres, J., Robalino, J., Salcedo, R., Viteri, C., Shehabi, M., Cojoianu, T.F., Collins, E., Hoepner, A.G.F., Magill, D., O’Neill, T., Schneider, F.I., Koundouri, P., Pittis, N., Samartzis, P., Rickels, W., Peterson, S., Ing, J., Nicolai, J.-P., Borghesi, S., Delbeke, J., Glachant, J.-M., Pototschnig, A., Ranci, P., Gawel, E., Lehmann, P., Laude, A., Brûlé-Gapihan, E., Cohen, F., Schwarz, M., Li, S., Lu, Y., Jani, A. (2020), Perspectives on the Economics of the Environment in the Shadow of Coronavirus, Special Issue Economics of the Environment in the Shadow of Coronavirus in Environmental & Resource Economics, 76, pages 447–517(2020). (pdf)

[31] Suggestions for a Covid-19 post-pandemic research agenda in environmental economics (joint work with Robert Elliott and Cees Withagen), Special Issue Economics of the Environment in the Shadow of Coronavirus of Environmental & Resource Economics, 76, pages 1187–1213 (2020). (pdf)

[30] Guy Meunier, Ingmar Schumacher (2020), “The importance of considering optimal government policy when social norms matter for the private provision of public goods”, Journal of Public Economic Theory, Volume 22, Issue 3, 630-655, (pdf)


[29] Luca Marchiori, Jean-François Maystadt and Ingmar Schumacher (2012), ‘The Impact of Weather Anomalies on Migration in Sub- Saharan Africa’, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 63 (3), May, 355–74, reprint in Sam Fankhauser (ed.), “The Economics of Climate Resilience and Adaptation”, The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics series, 2019.

[28] Climate Policy Must Favor Mitigation Over Adaptation, (doi), Environmental & Resource Economics, 2019, Volume 74, pp 1519–1531.

[27] The impact of weather on economic growth and production factors (joint work with Martin Henseler), (pdf, doi) Climatic Change, June 2019, Volume 154, Issue 3–4, pp 417–433.


[26] The Aggregation Dilemma in Climate Change Policy Evaluation, Climate Change Economics, 2018, Volume 9 (3), 185008, (pdf).


[25] An Empirical Study on the Impact of Basel III Standards on Banks’ Default Risk: The Case of Luxembourg, Journal of Risk and Financial Management, Volume 10, Issue 2,  doi:10.3390/jrfm10020008 (joint with Gaston Giordana)

[24] The consequences of a one-sided externality in a dynamic, two-agent framework, European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 257, Issue 1, 16 February 2017, Pages 310–322  (joint with Georg Müller-Fürstenberger) (pdf)

[23] Is environmentally-induced income variability a driver of migration? A macroeconomic perspective (joint with Luca Marchiori and Jean-Francois Maystadt), Migration & Development, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 33-69  (pdf)


[22] Discussion of `Climate Policy’, Economic Policy, Special Issue of the 62nd Panel Meeting, Volume 31, Issue 87, Pages 503-558. (pdf)


[21] How Beliefs Influence the Willingness to Contribute to Prevention Expenditure. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 97, Issue 5, Pages 1417-1432 doi: 10.1093/ajae/aav011 (pdf) (Data available upon request)

[20] The endogenous formation of an environmental culture, European Economic Review, Volume 76, May 2015, Pages 200–221 (pdf)

[19] Insurance and Climate-Driven Extreme Events, (with Georg Müller-Fürstenberger),  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Volume 54, May 2015, Pages 59–73 (pdf) (journal link)

[18]  Threshold Preferences and the Environment, (with Benteng Zou) Journal of Mathematical Economics, Volume 60, October 2015, Pages 17–27 (ideas)


[17] An Empirical Study of the Determinants of Green Party Voting, Ecological Economics. 105, September 2014, 306-318. (pdf) and Appendix (pdf)

[16]  On the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Sovereign Ratings,  Economic Modelling, 38, February, 351–356 (pdf)


[15]   The Impact of the Basel III Liquidity Regulations on the Bank Lending Channel: A Luxembourg case study, International Review of Applied Economics, 27 (5), 633-655 (with G. Giordana). (pdf) (ideas)

[14]   Political Stability, Corruption and Trust in Politicians, Economic Modelling, 31, 359-369.(pdf)

[13] What are the Bank-specific and Macroeconomic Drivers of Banks’ Leverage: Evidence from Luxembourg, Empirical Economics, 45 (2), 905-928 (with Gaston Giordana). (pdf) (ideas)

[12]   Technological Opportunity, Long-Run Growth and Convergence, Oxford Economics Papers, 65 (2), 323-351 (with Jakub Growiec). (pdf) (ideas)


[11]     The Impact of Weather Anomalies on Migration in sub-Saharan Africa, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 63, May 2012, 335-374 (with Jean-Francois Maystadt and Luca Marchiori). (pdf)  (ideas)

[10]     Learning-by-doing and the Costs of a Backstop for Energy Transition and Sustainability, Ecological Economics, 73, January 2012, 122-132 (with Pierre-André Jouvet).  (pdf) (ideas)


[9]       Economic development and losses due to natural disasters: The role of hazard exposure, Ecological Economics, 72, December 2011, 97-105 (with Eric Strobl).  (pdf) (ideas)

[8]       When should we stop extracting non-renewable resources?, Macroeconomic Dynamics, 15 (4), 2011, 495-512.  (pdf) (ideas)

[7]       Endogenous Discounting and the Domain of the Felicity Function, Economic Modelling, 28 (1-2), 2011, 574-581.  (pdf) (ideas)

[6]       When Nature Rebels: International Migration, Climate Change and Inequality, Journal of Population Economics, 24 (2), 2011, 569-600 (with Luca Marchiori).  (pdf) (ideas)


[5]       Ecolabeling, Consumers’ Preferences and Taxation, Ecological Economics, 69 (11), September 2010, 2202-2212.  (pdf) (ideas)


[4]       The dynamics of environmentalism and the environment, Ecological Economics, Elsevier, 68 (11), September 2009, 2842-2849.  (pdf) (ideas)

[3]       Endogenous discounting via wealth, Twin-Peaks and the role of technology, Economics Letters, 103 (2), May 2009, 78-80.  (pdf) (ideas)


[2]      On Technical Change in the Elasticities of Resource Inputs, Resources Policy, 33 (4), 2008 (with Jakub Growiec).  (pdf) (ideas)

[1]      Pollution Perception: A challenge for Intergenerational Equity, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 55 (3), May 2008, Pages 296-309 (with Benteng Zou).  (pdf) (ideas)

Not allowed to be published

[3] Bank Specialization and Leverage Dynamics in Europe (joint work with G. Giordana),  January 2015, mimeo.

[2] Macroeconomic Conditions and Financial Sector Leverage (joint work with G. Giordana), January 2015, mimeo.

[1]   When does financial sector (in)stability induce financial reforms? (joint work with S. Lee), June 2011, Cahier de recherche 2011-21, Ecole Polytechnique Paris.

These papers are so nice that I don’t want to convey the rights to any journal and therefore they will stay unpublished.

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