last update: 20-June-2019

Work in progress

[4] Connectedness to nature, urbanization and the environment, with Emeline Bezin

[3] Migration and Climate Change, with Fabien Prieur

[2] The importance of considering optimal government policy when social norms matter for the private provision of public goods (joint work with Guy Meunier),  FAERE WP 2017-17, updated version July 2018 (pdf) (R&R)

[1] The role of conflict for optimal climate and immigration policy (joint with Fabien Prieur), TSE Working Paper n. 16-663, June 2016 (pdf) (submitted)

Publications (articles)


[28] Climate Policy Must Favor Mitigation Over Adaptation, February 2016 (pdf, doi), Environmental & Resource Economics

[27] The impact of weather on production factors (joint work with Martin Henseler), (pdf, doi) Climatic Change, June 2019, Volume 154, Issue 3–4, pp 417–433.

[26] The Aggregation Dilemma in Climate Change Policy Evaluation, June 2018 (pdf), Climate Change Economics.


[25] An Empirical Study on the Impact of Basel III Standards on Banks’ Default Risk: The Case of Luxembourg, Journal of Risk and Financial Management, Volume 10, Issue 2,  doi:10.3390/jrfm10020008 (joint with Gaston Giordana)

[24] The consequences of a one-sided externality in a dynamic, two-agent framework, European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 257, Issue 1, 16 February 2017, Pages 310–322  (joint with Georg Müller-Fürstenberger) (pdf)

[23] Is environmentally-induced income variability a driver of migration? A macroeconomic perspective (joint with Luca Marchiori and Jean-Francois Maystadt), Migration & Development, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 33-69  (pdf)


[22] Discussion of `Climate Policy’, Economic Policy, Special Issue of the 62nd Panel Meeting, Volume 31, Issue 87, Pages 503-558.


[21] How Beliefs Influence the Willingness to Contribute to Prevention Expenditure. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 97, Issue 5, Pages 1417-1432 doi: 10.1093/ajae/aav011 (pdf) (Data available upon request)

[20] The endogenous formation of an environmental culture, European Economic Review, Volume 76, May 2015, Pages 200–221 (pdf)

[19] Insurance and Climate-Driven Extreme Events, (with Georg Müller-Fürstenberger),  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Volume 54, May 2015, Pages 59–73 (pdf) (journal link)

[18]  Threshold Preferences and the Environment, (with Benteng Zou) Journal of Mathematical Economics, Volume 60, October 2015, Pages 17–27 (ideas)


[17] An Empirical Study of the Determinants of Green Party Voting, Ecological Economics. 105, September 2014, 306-318. (pdf) and Appendix (pdf)

[16]  On the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Sovereign Ratings,  Economic Modelling, 38, February, 351–356 (pdf)


[15]   The Impact of the Basel III Liquidity Regulations on the Bank Lending Channel: A Luxembourg case study, International Review of Applied Economics, 27 (5), 633-655 (with G. Giordana). (pdf) (ideas)

[14]   Political Stability, Corruption and Trust in Politicians, Economic Modelling, 31, 359-369.(pdf)

[13] What are the Bank-specific and Macroeconomic Drivers of Banks’ Leverage: Evidence from Luxembourg, Empirical Economics, 45 (2), 905-928 (with Gaston Giordana). (pdf) (ideas)

[12]   Technological Opportunity, Long-Run Growth and Convergence, Oxford Economics Papers, 65 (2), 323-351 (with Jakub Growiec). (pdf) (ideas)


[11]     The Impact of Weather Anomalies on Migration in sub-Saharan Africa, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 63, May 2012, 335-374 (with Jean-Francois Maystadt and Luca Marchiori). (pdf)  (ideas)

[10]     Learning-by-doing and the Costs of a Backstop for Energy Transition and Sustainability, Ecological Economics, 73, January 2012, 122-132 (with Pierre-André Jouvet).  (pdf) (ideas)


[9]       Economic development and losses due to natural disasters: The role of hazard exposure, Ecological Economics, 72, December 2011, 97-105 (with Eric Strobl).  (pdf) (ideas)

[8]       When should we stop extracting non-renewable resources?, Macroeconomic Dynamics, 15 (4), 2011, 495-512.  (pdf) (ideas)

[7]       Endogenous Discounting and the Domain of the Felicity Function, Economic Modelling, 28 (1-2), 2011, 574-581.  (pdf) (ideas)

[6]       When Nature Rebels: International Migration, Climate Change and Inequality, Journal of Population Economics, 24 (2), 2011, 569-600 (with Luca Marchiori).  (pdf) (ideas)


[5]       Ecolabeling, Consumers’ Preferences and Taxation, Ecological Economics, 69 (11), September 2010, 2202-2212.  (pdf) (ideas)


[4]       The dynamics of environmentalism and the environment, Ecological Economics, Elsevier, 68 (11), September 2009, 2842-2849.  (pdf) (ideas)

[3]       Endogenous discounting via wealth, Twin-Peaks and the role of technology, Economics Letters, 103 (2), May 2009, 78-80.  (pdf) (ideas)


[2]      On Technical Change in the Elasticities of Resource Inputs, Resources Policy, 33 (4), 2008 (with Jakub Growiec).  (pdf) (ideas)

[1]      Pollution Perception: A challenge for Intergenerational Equity, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 55 (3), May 2008, Pages 296-309 (with Benteng Zou).  (pdf) (ideas)

Not allowed to be published

[3] Bank Specialization and Leverage Dynamics in Europe (joint work with G. Giordana),  January 2015, mimeo. (submitted)

[2] Macroeconomic Conditions and Financial Sector Leverage (joint work with G. Giordana), January 2015, mimeo. (submitted)

[1]   When does financial sector (in)stability induce financial reforms? (joint work with S. Lee), June 2011, Cahier de recherche 2011-21, Ecole Polytechnique Paris. (submitted)

These papers are so nice that I don’t want to convey the rights to any journal and therefore they will stay unpublished. To all editors: i will immediately reject your demands to publish these papers in your journal. Thank you for your understanding.

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