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(mostly) environmental economics


In these podcasts I discuss with environmental economists and other researchers or policy makers issues related to the environment, natural resources, policy, and also more personal matters such as their motivations, ambitions and hopes.

These podcasts consist of two types: Express Views are mostly linked to the Meet Top Environmental Economists interviews, and Dialogues that have a more general character.

You can also find these podcasts on Spotify and iTunes Podcasts.

Dialogues: Accelerating Economic Growth with Jakub Growiec Ingmar Schumacher Podcasts

In this new episode of Dialogues for the Common Good I talk with Jakub Growiec about his new book “Accelerating Economic Growth”. Jakub Growiec is a Professor of Social Science at Warsaw School of Economics who works on economic growth, looking more specifically at production functions, determinants of growth, technological progress, productivity, R&D, but also […]
  1. Dialogues: Accelerating Economic Growth with Jakub Growiec
  2. Dialogues: Economics for a fragile planet with Ed Barbier
  3. #MeetTopEnvEcon – Claudia Kemfert
  4. #MeetTopEnvEcon – Andreas Löschel
  5. #MeetTopEnvEcon – Anastasios Xepapadeas
  6. #MeetTopEnvEcon – Ed Barbier
  7. #MeetTopEnvEcon – Robert Stavins
  8. #MeetTopEnvEcon – Richard Tol
  9. #MeetTopEnvEcon – Charles Perrings
  10. The role of mountains for biodiversity conservation
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