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This is a re-blog from my new article published in The Ecologist. I thank Marianne Brooker for her editorial support.

The emissions gap

| 28th January 2020

Wind turbines

A sufficient reduction in emissions can only be achieved if all countries are fully committed to a coordinated, cooperative effort.

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I just published a policy discussion of the best options that developing countries have to deal with climate change, focusing on mitigation versus adaptation. It’s published in India‘s most important policy-oriented platform #Ideas4India. Enjoy!

This is a re-blog from my article in Ideas4India. I’d like to thank Shivani Chowdhry and Rishabh Mahendra for this opportunity.

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I am very happy to announce that my article entitled “Climate Policy Must Favor Mitigation Over Adaptation” is forthcoming in the journal Environmental & Resource Economics. The main message is the following:

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The European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists feels there is an urgent need to keep pushing for a carbon price. If you are an (European) economist you may want to sign this statement. Even if you are not an economist, we’d be happy if you support our goal.

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There is a new interesting paper just published in Environmental & Resource Economics entitled “Does Absolution Promote Sin? A Conservationist’s Dilemma“. The authors are Matthew Harding and David Rapson. What’s my take on this?

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