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Ingmar Schumacher

Professor of Environmental Economics at IPAG Business School, Paris, France

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I am a Professor of Economics at IPAG Business School. My research mainly focuses on environmental economics, with emphasis on climate change, climate finance, migration, attitude towards nature, social and moral norms, and nudging. I am also a co-founder of the Sustainable Future Policy Lab, and an associate researcher at the Chair for Energy and Prosperty at Ecole Polytechnique Paris.

I hold a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, as well as a M.Sc. in Economics from the London School of Economics. Prior to my position at IPAG Business School I worked as an economist for the Central Bank of Luxembourg and held a postdoctoral position at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. My research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as European Economic Review, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, and Oxford Economic Papers. I am also the Managing Editor of Environmental & Resource Economics. I write at and the Sustainable Future Policy Lab. I regularly contribute to newspapers or magazines, and give public talks and courses and provide consulting or policy advice.

    Ph.D. in Economics, Université de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.
2003    M.Sc. in Economics, London School of Economics, United Kingdom.
2002    B.Sc. in Economics, University of Essex, United Kingdom.


2022 – Managing Editor at Environmental & Resource Economics
2020 – Editor at Sustainable Future Policy Lab
2019 – Research associate at the Chair for Energy and Prosperty at Ecole Polytechnique Paris
2016 – 2022 Co-editor at Environmental & Resource Economics
2015 – Member of Nuclear Consulting Group
2012 – Professor of Environmental Economics, IPAG Business School, Paris, France.
2010 – 2012   Economist, Central Bank of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
2009 – 2010   FNR Post-doctoral fellowship, CREA, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
2008 – 2009  Post-doctorant, Department of Economics, École Polytechnique Paris, France.
2007 – 2008  Post-doctorant, Department of Economics, University of Trier, Germany.

Research areas
Environmental Economics
Economic Growth
Cultural Economics

The climber

I am also a climber and an alpinist. I just love the mountains.

I hold the following certificates:
DAV Trainer C Bergsteigen (alpine climbing guide)
FLERA Entraineur d’escalade SAE (equivalent to DAV Trainer C Indoor Breitensport, indoor climbing coach)
FLERA Equipeur falaise SNE (development and maintenance of natural climbing sites)
FFME Equipeur sites sportifs escalade (development and maintenance of sport climbing sites)
FFME opérateur équipement et entretien de sites naturels d’escalade (operator of equipment and maintenance of natural climbing sites)

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