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This is a re-blog from my new article published in The Ecologist. I thank Marianne Brooker for her editorial support.

The emissions gap

| 28th January 2020

Wind turbines

A sufficient reduction in emissions can only be achieved if all countries are fully committed to a coordinated, cooperative effort.

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I just published a policy discussion of the best options that developing countries have to deal with climate change, focusing on mitigation versus adaptation. It’s published in India‘s most important policy-oriented platform #Ideas4India. Enjoy!

This is a re-blog from my article in Ideas4India. I’d like to thank Shivani Chowdhry and Rishabh Mahendra for this opportunity.

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Here are some news worth reading:

Some news on environmental issues around the globe collected for your convenience:

  • France reduces share of nuclear power in its electricity mix to 50% by 2035 from around 75% now, and instead increases the share of renewables. Plans to build new nuclear plants are on hold. (
  • This is to all US voters: Republican government keeps on dismanteling/destroying your national parks. If you want to avoid this vote for the Democrats. (
  • Climate change impacts mountain stability all over the Alps, la Meije, similar problems with Cengalo, Grandes Jorasses and many more. (
  • And Luxembourg is the first country that makes national travel on busses and trains completely free. Is this going to be a game changer for Luxembourg? Definitely not, because public transport was already so heavily subsidized that one could travel throughout the whole country with bus and train for 2.50€. But at least it shows that the country has good intentions. (

Here are some interesting news to catch up on:


And finally: Real cost of rail travel has substantially increased in EU since 2005 while passenger car costs have decreased. That does not look like a sustainable transition to me. EU policy should react firmly.

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