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Could you please forward this job opening as “University Assistant“  to potential PhD candidates which is basically a fully funded post (4 years) associated with pursuing a PhD in Economics.

Thank you very much!

Professor Dr Michael Finus

Professor in Climate and Environmental Economics
Department of Economics
University of Graz


Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMSE) and Center for Environmental Economics in Montpellier (CEE-M) invite applications for a 2-year, fully-funded postdoctoral position in Economics, with an emphasis on Economics of risk and uncertainty and Environmental economics. They are mainly interested in candidates specializing in Behavioral economics and/or Contract theory. The postdoctoral researcher will join a team to work on the research projects GREEN-Econ (Transition Toward a GREENer Economy: Environmental Policies and Societal Adaptation) and Green-Society (Toward a greener
economy: behavioral and societal adaptations to environmental changes),

More information available here: Post-doctoral_Position_2018

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