A month ago I posted that I will be up for hire. I have received some fantastic offers so far from all over the world, thank you very much. There is just one caveat: I am not mobile (family reasons), and I live in Luxembourg. I have a sabbatical until July 2023 and need to earn some money during that time.

I am, therefore, searching for someone who doesn’t mind that I work (mostly) from Luxembourg. I am happy to work on projects or consulting. As long as it pays, get in touch with me, please. If you are a business school that pays for publications, then I don’t mind placing you as my main affiliation (my business school does not pay for my publications in the interim). If you are a consulting company that needs a specialist in environmental economics, here I am. If you are a research institute that needs project evaluations, research collaboration on projects, etc., let me know.

Follow these links to find information on my academic publications, on my writings in the popular press, and some general information about me.

Please send me an email to ingmar.schumacher@ipag.fr if my profile looks interesting for you, or if you know about some openings.