Circular Economy is one of the phrases that you’ll nowadays most often hear at any sustainable development debate. It is basically a new catch phrase for anything that was previously associated with sustainable development. Since still nobody really knows how to make an economy sustainable, circular, square or rectangular, now, for yours truly, the EEA managed to come up with a very simple solution to the problem.

Indeed, it is so simple that everyone can now make their own circular economy at home.Yes, it is as easy as that! Just print out the picture below, cut at the dashed line et voilà, your very own, personal circular economy is in your hands. And best of all – since it already is in color, you don’t even need to take your crayons out.

circular For those who are slightly more interested in how this may work out for you, I advice you to take a look at the new EEA report, which is not only full of nice pictures but also packs some relevent information. You can find it HERE.