There is a new petition in Luxembourg against the 32 years (!) life-time extension of the Cattenom nuclear reactor. If you want you can read and sign it HERE, and please do so. Sign if before the 30th of July!! (Don’t forget that you will receive an email in order to activate your signature.)

This nuclear reactor is one of Europe’s biggest, but also the one with most problems. I have written extensively on it HERE. More information (in German) is HERE.

This debate must be viewed in the light of the recent discussion in the Luxembourgish parliament that Luxembourg wants to build an electricity line connecting Luxembourg to France directly. This is most likely in order to connect Luxembourg directly with Cattenom. Obviously, a petition should thus necessarily be linked also to the development of this electricity line: What use is there to try and stop a lifetime extension of a nuclear power plant when, at the same time, the government plans to build an electricity line in order to receive electricity from just that plant?

In my opinion, Luxembourg needs to very carefully think of what kind of electricity mix it envisions for the future, and building an electricity line directly to France will clearly shape its future electricity mix towards nuclear energy. This is not an innocent choice!