If you are an environmental economist, here is a call for contributions to a special issue in Environmental & Resource Economics on Covid-19 and environmental economics.

The Coronavirus pandemic has triggered one of the most rapid changes in the global economy ever seen. Accompanied by almost worldwide restrictions on movement and behaviour this marks a true phenomenon of historic proportions. But what might be the consequence for the natural environment and its intimate relationship with human wellbeing? Short term this has been marked by incredibly rapid change in natural resource use, industrial and transport related emissions and wider greenhouse gases. Will these changes endure or at least leave some residual effect upon the way we live our lives and our relationship with the environment?

The Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE) journal is seeking contributions for fast production and publication of a collection of papers examining Environmental Economics in the Time of Coronavirus.

Contributions should ideally include an economic or policy perspective on this issue but can take a theoretical and/or applied approach, focus on public or private sector issues, social or individual behavioral perspectives and consider practical and policy questions. Papers can consider short and/or long-term effects with a mix of the two being preferable.

Papers should be submitted to the ERE Coronavirus Topical Collection at:  


While conventional manuscripts are welcome, so are short papers (e.g. 5-10 A4 pages) and policy-focused pieces. We are also considering a multi-author Perspective piece collecting together a number of short (up to 2-page) pieces, to showcase the very fast-moving research this is generating and highlight novel issues raised by the pandemic.

Speed will be of the essence here and pieces will be reviewed by the Editorial Board to ensure fast turnaround and early publication.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 12, 2020. Earlier submission is very strongly encouraged. Papers received after the deadline may have to be excluded from the Topical Collection but may be considered as conventional submissions to the journal.

The Editorial Board
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