There is a new EU public consultation on the development of a comprehensive, integrated Research, Innovation, and Competitiveness Strategy for the Energy Union, with policy fields research and innovation, Energy, Climate change, Transport, Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. Find out why it is required and why they need your answer and where to submit your opinions by reading on.

As the previously highly criticized Commissioner Arias Cañete notes, the EU’s 2030 target of a domestic emissions reduction of at least 40% by 2030 is supposed to be “economy-wide, binding in European law, and accountable down to each tonne,” and also one of the backbones of the Paris Agreement.

But, not unsurprisingly, the politicians in the EU have no clue as to how they could actually achieve this target. Their current opinion is that this mitigation policy “will require a significant transformation of the European economy in the energy sector, transport, buildings, agriculture.” Basically, what EU politicians are trying to say is that everything needs to change but they don’t know how.

And that is why they need YOU! You, as in the EU citizen, you as in the knowledgeable and experienced person, you as in the person who does not make the promises but that can find the solutions for those that make the promises! If you feel you are one of these people, or if you feel you should be one of those that benefits in the future from the increased EU-wide R&D expenditure, then you should go HERE and complete their online questionnaire on how this radical transformation of the EU energy policy may be achievable.

Thanks to You!!! the EU environment politicians may actually be able to do their job so don’t hesitate to give them all you got!