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In the news:

  • 5 things climate scientists disagree about:
    • Clouds may positively or negatively affect climate change
    • Uncertainty about speed of sea level rise
    • limited understanding of biological carbon cycle
    • How much and how long will oceans keep absorbing CO2?
    • Mankind is responible for most climate change, but how much precisely?
  • New York Times supports GMO labelling and write “[c]onsumers deserve to know what they are eating.”
    This is a bit strange since in 2013 they ditched the need for GMO labelling HERE. The reasons:

    • “there is no reliable evidence that genetically modified foods now on the market pose any risk to consumers.”
    • “Consumers can already find products free of genetically engineered ingredients, with labels voluntarily placed by the manufacturers. For those who want to avoid such ingredients, the surest way is to buy products certified as “organic” under federal standards.”

  • Big uncertainty at COP21 how to treat the old common but differentiated responsabilities, and also about what a country’s fair share is. Also, frustrated delegates reiterate on old positions. And politicians/layers get lost in the wrong details.

New articles: