A round-up of some recent interesting stuff in the news:

  • I just read this article over at legal-planet: which discusses whether China and the USA will be able to stick to their emission targets: Madhatter

“Mr. Obama said the United States would emit 26 percent to 28 percent less carbon dioxide in 2025 than in 2005. President Xi Jinping of China said China would reach a peak in carbon dioxide emissions “around 2030.” And by then, he said, 20 percent of China’s energy would come from sources other than fossil fuels.”

  • And in relation to the legal-planet article I just love this trashy disclaimer of one commentator about Theft, death threat and porn cases at the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • More to the point, given the Chinese and US new emission targets, there are high expectations now for the current UN Lima Climate Change Conference  that this will also make other countries start taking emission reductions more serious.
  • Ever went into a hat maker’s shop simply because you enjoyed to see a person more mad than you are? Well, look no further, those mad hat makers are all gone now! A nice article explains why we see so few of them around lately.