DSC03508My friends,

thank you very much for having avidly followed this blog during its first year of virtual life. Your personal feedbacks and thoughts were very encouraging! The most read article on this blog this year is International nuclear conflicts: Example of Cattenom, France (701 facebook shares) – thanks for sharing and thanks for all the thoughts!

It is not easy to keep up writing and posting new things, and I have recently slacked off because I was pushing revisions and papers. Expect though more news, analyses, and thoughts in 2014 which is going to be another great year!!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2014!


Obviously, as an economist I  cannot let you off the hook so easily and have to introduce you to a series of papers I recently came across in AER: The deadweight loss of Christmas

The original contribution:
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and so on and so forth…

My conclusion: Sometimes, my friends, sometimes there are simply things that just don’t need a quantification. Christmas is about getting together, enjoying the time with some of those one cares about, a good laugh, some wine, and a small gift knowing this:

“A wise friend values not so much the gift of the friend as the friendship of the giver.”