Ever been annoyed with the quality of graphs that you export from Mathematica and wondered how best to add good-looking labels to them for your next article? Here is the toolbox tip of the day in 4 easy steps:
1. Export your mathematica picture to an *.eps file.
2. Open this file in your favourite free graphics program GIMP with resolution 600. Also, soften edges of text and graphics.
3. One problem in GIMP is that it is damn hard to use symbolic text/labels. For this I write the text/labels in powerpoint and simply copy-paste into the file opened in GIMP.
4. export your file to *.jpg, using Quality 8 (more than enough)… done!

Hint: When you copy-paste something into GIMP, then it is a floating selection. Don’t anchor it! You should convert it into a new layer in order to be able to play around with it at a later stage.