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Yossi Sheffi, a Professor of Engineering Systems at MIT, and Director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, recently wrote an article on Project Syndicate entitled “Green Lobby’s Misdirected Anger“. He argues that our current efforts to curb carbon emissions are insufficient to keep temperature increases below 1.5°C and suggests the only real alternative is geoengineering and nuclear fusion. I disagree.

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On Monday, 4 December 2017, I am going to present work in progress tentatively entitled “Mitigation strategies when faced with the threat of solar radiation management”. This is joint work with Fabien Prieur (University of Nanterre) and Martin Quaas (University of Kiel). The presentation will be held in Paris School of Economics, 48 bd Jourdan, near metro stop Porte d’Orleans, from 12.00-13.30, in its weekly seminar series “Environnement et Régulation” organized by Hélène Ollivier.

A proper working paper is coming out soon, stay tuned! If you want to know what the paper is going to be about, come and listen.


William Nordhaus defends the markets and the cap-and-trade system against the Pope’s worries. Does he have a point?

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