• In order to go through with `his’ project Hinkley Point C, Chancellor Osborne of the UK makes a deal with China. The point seems more and more like this: Without China there is no more international investor left over for UK to finance Hinkley Point C. In return, the whole reason why the Chinese want to invest in Hinkley Point C is so that they can actually get the contract for the Hualong on the Bradwell site in UK. Seems like a reasonably strategic from a Chinese point of view – invest in Hinkley Point C, thereby get a ticket to build their first nuclear power plant in a nuclear-renowned country (UK), and this would be their way of buying themselves into the international market. The question is: Does the UK population know that if Hinkley Point C goes through then this does not imply that one nuclear power plant will be build but three, and one of them build by the Chinese? Do they really want to give their control over their electricity bill to international investors, and furthermore the control over their nuclear power plant fleet?
  • This week I will present in St Petersburg, Russia, at the very interesting 4th International Workshop on Natural Resources, Environment and Economic Growth, organized by Department of Economics (European University at St. Petersburg, Russia) with the financial support of ExxonMobil and the research center CORE (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium). You can find more information HERE. I will be talking about: When does Insurance provide a Contribution to Climate Policy? I will give a more detailed talk about the same topic at the Environmental Seminar in INRA, Nancy, the week after on the 8th October.

Conference updates:

  • Monday (09/28): Conférence de Jean Tirole (Prix Nobel d’Economie 2014) à 15h30 en amphithéâtre Poincaré
    “Climat, chômage, avenir de l’Europe, économie industrielle…”
  • Reminder: The next lunch seminar in environmental and resource economics of PSE and Université Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne will take place Thursday October 1st 12:30-13:30 in room S/3 in the annex of the Maison des Sciences Economiques.
  • Conférence de la  Chaire Finance Durable et Investissement Responsable, 2 novembre 2015, à Paris, de 8h30 à 14h. Auditorium Amundi 91-93, boulevard Pasteur, 75015. More information HERE.