tidbits #8

  • A relief to know that the US senate can change the laws of nature and decide that mankind finally does not influence the climate after all. There you go, in your face climate, you are not allowed to change anymore because the majority of US senators says so! Or, in the words of Senator Inhofe: “The hoax is there are some people so arrogant to think they are so powerful they can change the climate…Man can’t change the climate.” I simply wish nature would be as convinced of this statement as the US senators are…
  • There is going to be very nice conference on climate risks in Paris, 9-10 June, organized by the SCOR Foundation. Registration is mandatory but free, you can do it here: http://scor-climaterisks-2015.com/.
  • One notices that SciencePo really has money… So there is another conference on the 28th May TODAY (thanks Idrissa Sibailly for pointing this out) entitled “What role for cities in the international climate negotiations of Paris 2015?“. The speakers are Laurence Tubiana (Ambassador for Climate Change Negotiations and Special Representative of French Government for the Paris Climate Conference of 2015),  Gregor Robertson (Mayor of Vancouver), and Claire Roumet (Executive Director – Energy Cities) will share their views and experience of the fight against climate change and of the preparation for COP21. Finally, Jennifer Petrina, a student from Paris Climat 2015 : Make it work, will present the Sciences Po initiative, aimed at mobilizing universities all over the world for the 2015 international climate negotiations, including a 200-student simulation of COP21 end of May. Further information you can find HERE and you can register (free but mandatory) HERE.
  • Batteries for storing the electricity produced in one’s own home PV system are finally entering the market. While Tesla managed to create a media hype around its products, there are other producers that are producing at least equal products, see HERE.
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  1. Idrissa said:

    Hi Ingmar, thank you for the useful piece of information provided here. It seems that the conference “What role for cities in the international climate negotiations of Paris 2015?“ is to be held TODAY 4th May from 14h15 to 16h45 and NOT on 28th May.


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